Chi Nan Enterprise CO., LTD was established in 1986, Chiayi, Taiwan, master in manufacturing wind-up speaker stand, music stand, TV wall mount bracket, light stand, tablet stand, microphone stand and holder, keyboard stand, guitar stand, all kinds of instrument stands… ,etc. All products are very popular in Europe, US, Japan, Asia and also in Taiwan market, we also provide full line of OEM / ODM service.

We have 11 departments for manufacturing our products.

1. Research and Design Dept.

2. Stamping Press Dept.

3. Drilling Dept.

4. Milling Dept.

5. Grinding Dept.

6. Cutting Dept.

7. Welding Dept.

8. Lathe Dept.

9. Vibratory finishing Dept.

10. Production Dept.

11. Assembly Dept

Our factory had passed the ISO 9001:2015 in 2011, in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and maintain a high level of quality control, our company had invested a considerable amount of capital into the precise manufacturing facilities. In addition, from making mold tooling to product production, all procedures of manufacturing have been supervised restrictively and being done in our company. For the past 35 years, our company has been supported by strong suppliers and powerful customers. Our company policy is “ Customer satisfaction is always our first priority", punctual delivery and excellent quality are what we pay attention to the most.

Why our products are better quality than the other similar products in the market?

1. Material: we only use China Steel company steel tubes and finest quality alum 6063 tubes.

2. Surface treatment: Majority of our products are treated by black sand grain texture powder coating

The advantage of black sand grain texture powder coating is: stronger coated on the surface(Hardness: 1-2H), no fingerprint left after use, anti-grip, anti-cut, anti-bump, anti-scratch, no color faded away with years.

3. Durability: Majority of our products the thickness of alum & steel tubes are thicker, the accessories are stronger than others which makes the tolerance of our products higher.

4. Patent design: Telescopic light & speaker stand with Chain-type lifting & lowering function design: with the combination of chains and gear box, makes it lighter and easier to lift up and lower down the heavy speaker or lights by swinging up the handle.

5. Environmental protection: All our materials, production procedures and surface treatment meet the standard of RoHs & Reach.


Product Life Warranty: under normal use condition

Wind-Up PA Light & Speaker Stand series: 10 years
Other products: 5 years

Major Business:
OEM / ODM Capabilities
Professional manufacturer of musical instrument & stage accessories