K-3008B-1 Wall Mount Speaker Rack

◆ High-quality wall mount speaker rack made in Taiwan for home & professional use.
◆ Unique pivot head for a 360° horizontal rotation and 90° tilt so you can set the angle /position of audio projection for surround sound replication and ensure safety and optimal performance.
◆ Heavy duty reinforced solid formed steel construction in black plain baking varnish and you can easily install within minutes.
◆ The ceiling mount with anti-shake design with loading capacity 68 LBS / 30 KGS.
◆ Universal mounting design enables these brackets to fit the majority of speaker brands on the market. Perfect for home surround sound system.
◆ Adaptable in a variety of settings. Ideal for home theaters, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, studios, schools, dorms, events, houses, public areas, hotels, lobbies, etc.
◆ Package Included: 2 speaker mounting brackets.
◆ Pole Extendable Length: 25.4 cm - 37.5 cm.
◆ Dimension: 16.0 cm * 16.0 cm.
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Item No K-3008B-1
Color Black
N.W.    KGS
G.W.    KGS
CU'FT 1.3'
Carton 70.6*22.4*23.6 cm
Weight Capacity 30 KGS
Remark Sold by pair