Guitar Capos

The anti-slip design keeps your instruments firmly in places.

This capo is easy to use and very fast to change.

Perfect for the necks and fingerboards of electric or acoustic 6 string guitars.

Easy squeeze into place with one hand, using the lever on the back to release, without pulling the strings of your instrument out of tune.

Store neatly on the end of your instrument’s headstock when not in use.

◆ Fast and easy to operate

◆ Clamps on any fret

◆ No adjustments required

◆ Fits comfortably in your hand

◆ Made of high strength alum alloy

CNBear offers a guitar string clamp designed to enhance your control and precision over your instrument's sound. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using high-quality materials, our guitar string clamp ensures durability and reliable performance.

CNBear presents capo clips that provide quick and easy key changes for guitarists. Our capo clips securely hold down the strings at a desired fret, allowing you to effortlessly change the pitch of your instrument.