19 Inch Universal Audio Mixer Desk / Cantilever Tray

Stable and Adjustable Studio Mixer Stands for Professional Audio Setup:
CNBear, a leading studio mixer stand manufacturer, offers a range of stable and adjustable stands designed to enhance your professional audio setup. Our studio mixer stands provide a solid foundation for your equipment, ensuring stability and precise positioning.

Reliable On-Stage Mixer Stands for Live Performances and Events:
With collapsible and portable designs, our on stage mixer stand offer convenience for touring musicians and event organizers. Trust CNBear to deliver dependable solutions that enhance the efficiency and professionalism of your on stage mixer stand.

Customizable OEM/ODM Solutions for Tailored Equipment Stands:
In addition to our wide range of products, CNBear provides customizable OEM/ODM solutions for equipment stands. We understand that different audio setups and preferences demand unique specifications, and our products cater to those diverse needs.