WP-163B Wind-Up Speaker stand

◆ Multiple function speaker/light stand with an option of metal lighting support adapter (sold separately).
◆ Wind-up speaker stand is made from black sand grain texture powder coating steel and with foldable aluminum hand crank on heavy duty and safety concerns, and also bring the elegant look on the stand.
◆ Our exclusive patented chain drive mechanism makes it easier to raise your speaker to desire height and also to avoid thread damage for longer duration.
◆ Telescopic speaker stands with chain-type lifting & lowering function design: with the combination of chains and gear box, makes it lighter and easier to lift up and lower down the heavy speaker by swinging up the handle.
◆ Durable nylon removable folding tripod with non-slip rubber feet spread widely makes the stand very secure.
◆ Stand rubber feet minimize vibration and keep the floor safe from scuff and scratch.
◆ Wind-up stands material: alum 6063 inner tube + steel outer tube.
◆ Surface treatment: black sand grain texture powder coating.
◆ No fingerprint left after use, anti-grip, anti-cut, anti-bump, anti-scratch, no color faded away with years.
◆ Adjustable leg for uneven surface.
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Item No WP-163B
Colour Black
N.W. 9.5 KGS
G.W. 10.5 KGS
CU'FT 1.5'
Carton 170.9*17.3*14.2 cm
Height 190 - 312  cm
Weight Capacity 60 KGS
Aluminum Inner Tube Ø34.8 mm
Steel Outer Tube Ø42 mm
Steel Feet Tube Ø30 mm
Remarks Storage bag sold separately