LCD-7-2PB TV Stands Extension Pipe

◆ Compatible with Chi-Nan Ceiling Mount models which includes LCD-7-5B, LCD-7-2SB and PR-005.
◆ The extender center pole made by high-quality steel, helping to improve stability and security support for the weight of the display.
◆ Opening space allowing the new range of adaptable positions for your displays.
◆ Easy to install and remove, giving more options to place the monitor and ergonomically correct position to reduce neck and eye strain.
◆ Perfect for offices, bars, restaurants, dental clinics, fitness centers, grocery stores, medical offices, home installations and more.
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Item No LCD-7-2PB
Length 46.3 - 70.3 cm
Remark Suitable for LCD-7-5B、LCD-7-2SB、PR-005