K-812/K-812B Mic Desktop Stand

◆ Ideal for studios, schools, company conference and public speaking.
◆ Both side male thread goose neck: 32 cm.
◆ K-812B: no fingerprint left after use, anti-grip, anti-cut, anti-bump, anti-scratch, no color faded away with years.
◆ Steel round base delivers exceptional stability and withstands demanding conditions.
◆ Steel round base holder surrounded with anti-bump rubber ring.
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Item No K-812 / K-812B   
Color Chromium / Black
N.W. 21.1 KGS
G.W. 23.1 KGS
CU'FT 0.9'
Carton 34.8*21.2*33.6 cm
Height 35 cm
Steel Plate Size Metal / 19*11.2 cm
Goose Neck Item No G-1 / 32 cm
Steel Plate Weight 1.55 KGS
Remarks 5/8''-27 Thread